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Discover our expanded digital education offer! We give you an insight into our special exhibitions in the digital space – independently of your on-site visit to the museum. Whether at home or on the road, experience the museum with our art educators in the interactive online formats.

DIGITAL WORKSHOP – Offer for schools: “Mach Zukunft” (Make the future) from grade 7 onwards

In this digital workshop we take you to the current exhibition on the work of the artist Joseph Beuys and find out what ideas he had for bringing society and politics into the future. We speculate how he would have found social media and what he would have said about the “FridaysForFuture” movement, as he co-founded the Green Party in 1980. In the idea of “social sculpture”, he saw the possibility of each individual helping to shape how we live. And what is important to you? In the workshop, we exchange ideas about Beuys’ socio-political commitment and discuss current issues and our concerns.

If all students have tablets/laptops, we will then use the digital platform “Padlet” to design a mood board with our statements. Alternatively, statements will be formulated and posters designed in small groups.

Please provide: A1 paper, pencil, eraser, coloured pencils.

The workshop will be conducted via the web conferencing system “BigBlueButton” (UlmLernt). A stable internet connection as well as a camera and microphone are required for successful participation. The access link will be sent by email after booking. The use of BigBlueButton is basically free of charge. As a participating school, neither an account nor registration is required.

Duration: 60 minutes; free offer in the test phase

The workshop can be booked now on request. Information and registration at

Actionbound: On a discovery tour through the Kunsthalle Weishaupt and the Museum Ulm!

Together, the Museum Ulm and the kunsthalle weishaupt offer an Actionbound for the whole family.

With our Actionbound you can explore both museums from home. The creative handicraft and puzzle tasks invite you to track down the colourful pictures by Beat Zoderer in the kunsthalle weishaupt and to learn exciting stories about the Museum Ulm.

Free of charge. For children aged 7 and over

This is how it works: Simply download the “Actionbound” app onto your mobile device free of charge! You can select our Bound via the search function or use the direct link or the following QR code:


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