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More shine! : Historical Silver new in the "Schönen Stube" of the "Kiechelhaus"

Thanks to a generous donation from the “Freunde des Ulmer Museums e.V.”, the “Schöne Stube” in the historic “Kiechelhaus” is now the exhibition venue for part of the silver collection of the Museum Ulm.

The listed “Kiechelhaus”, dating from around 1600, is part of the building ensemble of the Museum Ulm and houses the collection of ancient art. In the “Schönen Stube” on the second floor of the “Kiechelhaus”, parts of the original furnishings from around 1600 have been preserved in addition to the opulent wooden ceiling and the magnificent door surrounds.

In the future, baroque small sculptures, silver and ivory objects from the museum collection will also have their place here – luxury objects such as the Kiechel merchant family might have displayed in their living and representation rooms.

In collaboration with the Stuttgart agency Space4, with whom the neighbouring “Kunst- und Wunderkammer” was already redesigned in 2017, five new display cases with integrated lighting were created, customised for the exhibits and the room situation. New seating and a monitor with a film presentation invite visitors to learn more about the production techniques of historical silverware.


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