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The most beautiful picture in my house

This year’s 40th anniversary of the death of the publisher, art collector and founder Kurz Fried (30 March 1906 to 22 March 1981) is being used by the Museum Ulm as an opportunity to launch a public appeal for a revival of his exhibition project “The most beautiful picture at my house”, initiated in 1971.

Fifty years ago, Kurt Fried was able to open an exhibition in Ulm that was extraordinary for its time and unique in its kind. With “The most beautiful picture at my house”, the people of Ulm were invited to bring personal favourite pieces from their own four walls to the studio f gallery. This gave the public a secret glimpse of private wall decorations and the individual artistic tastes of acquaintances and strangers.

Half a century later, at a time when participation and interaction are becoming increasingly important in the exhibition world, the Museum Ulm is taking up Kurt Fried’s idea and transforming it into the present. With an “open call” via its platform, supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation’s Digital Fund, the Museum Ulm invites private art treasures and works to be shown digitally until 23 May 2021, which occupy a special place in the living space, are charged with special meaning and tell a special story. Questions will also be discussed such as: Why do we surround ourselves with art, pictures, objects in our living spaces? What do we hang up at home? What is the difference to museums? What do we collect and present on behalf of the public? How does our personal aesthetic taste differ? Is it dependent on time and trends?

After the “open call”, a jury will invite selected works to be presented in an exhibition, also in memory of Kurt Fried, from 24.07.-24.10.2021 at the Museum Ulm.

Further information on the “open call” can also be found at



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