Museum Ulm
++The 2G rule applies (vaccinated recovered)++
There are things!

Two more days

Two more days…

.. until the opening of our exhibition “Sachen gibt’s”. After months of planning everything is put together. Not everything is in its place yet, not everything is screwed down, signposted, cleaned and put in the right light. But you can already see what everything will be like.

Promising, mysterious: A feast for the senses, because there will not only be things to look at, to puzzle and marvel at, to join in and experience: There will also be smells and noises to discover. The large atrium invites you to stay, and there will always be additions to discover something new

So that nobody has to miss anything, admission to the special exhibition on the ground floor is free for the entire duration. It will be on display from 8 June to 3 November 2019. You are all cordially invited to the opening on 7 June at 6 p.m.!


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