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Mission Statement

Museum Ulm is a unique universal museum for art and art history, with an outstanding collection of national, international and global cultural importance. Located in a complex of heritage buildings in the heart of Ulm, the museum presents 40,000 years worth of art, cultural and design history. Together with the original building of the Ulm School of Design (HfG), it provides a unique art experience in authentic locations.


Museum Ulm

Curator 19th - 21st century
Dr. Stefanie Dathe+49(0)731 161
Deputy Director
Curator Archaeology
Kurt Wehrberger M.A.+49(0)731 161
Anna Seybold+49(0)731 161
Curator Middle Ages
- 18th century
Dr. Eva Leistenschneider+49(0)731 161
Marketing and public relations
Marcel Hess M.A.C.A.
Dipl.-Ing. Christiane Wachsmann (substitute)+49(0)731 161
Scientific trainee
Laura Bösl M.A.+49(0)731 161
Scientific trainee
communication & education
Pia Jerger M.A.+49(0)731 161
Inquiries and booking
Catarina Stönner+49(0)731 161
Registrar, repro enquiries and exhibition organization
Esther Siegmund-Heineke M.A.+49(0)731 161
Provenance research
Mag. Alexandra Chava Seymann+49(0)731
Digital inventory
Sabrina Stoppe B.A.+49(0)731 161
Dipl.-Rest. Stefanie Bosch+49(0)731 161
Dipl.-Rest. Evamaria Popp+49(0)731 161
Technical service
Reiner Fischer-Fick+49(0)731 161
Christine Miller+49(0)731 161 4352
Helge Schmid+49(0)731 161
Ticket office
Gabriele Leutenegger +49(0)731 161
Karin Barth+49(0)731 161

HfG archive

Dr. Martin Mäntele+49(0)731 161
Karin Barth+49(0)731 161
Dipl.-Ing. Christiane Wachsmann+49(0)731 161
Scientific trainee
Katharina Kurz M.A.+49(0)731 161
Junior Museum Assistant
Digital Inventory
Jasmin Al-Kuwaiti+49(0)731 161
Research assistants
Research project:
Gestaltung ausstellen
Christopher Haaf
Linus Rapp

Freunde des Ulmer Museums e.V.

The friends’ association ‘Verein Freunde des Ulmer Museums e.V.’ was founded in 1982 by enthusiastic supporters of the fine arts. It provides non-material and financial support to the museum, supporting its scientific work.

The association’s purpose is to support the museum through purchases for the collection, marketing, representation of the museum’s interests, support of its exhibitions and other events, as well as through deepening the knowledge in all fields of the fine arts.

The association is offering its members a variety of benefits, including free admission and exclusive excursions.

  • free admission to the special and permanent exhibitions at Museum Ulm and HfG-Archiv
  • discounted admission to kunsthalle weishaupt
  • invitations to and information about all events
  • discount on the museum’s publications
  • information and advice provided by the scientific and general museum staff
  • previews of selected special exhibitions, excursions to important monuments of antique and modern art
  • visiting non-local exhibitions

Join the friends of the museum and support the museum’s work!

Download the registration form here:

—› Beitragsformular Freunde des Ulmer Museum e.V

If you have question or need further information, please contact Dr. Martin Mäntele by calling +49(0)731 161-4372 or by sending him an email:

Also visit the association’s website here!


Café Museum

After visiting the museum, you can let the impressions sink in while relaxing in our coffee shop, located in the atmospheric historic vaults.

Opening times: Mon. – Sat. 10 a.m. until midnight, Sun. 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Marktplatz 9, 89073 Ulm
Phone: +49 (0)731 602 5060