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HfG Ulm

HfG Ulm

The Ulm School of Design (Hochschule für Gestaltung, HfG), founded in 1953 by Inge Scholl, Otl Aicher and Max Bill, made design history until its untimely closure in 1968. The institution’s achievements continue to be of prime importance for the education and work of designers as well as for research until this day.

A presentation at Museum Ulm offers an insight into the teaching and products of the renowned academy. Since 2011, the HfG-Archiv is located in the original buildings of the academy. The permanent exhibition ‘Von der Stunde Null bis 1968’ (‘From the zero hour to 1968’) as well as focussed special exhibitions document the changeful story of the HfG, from its foundation until its closure.

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