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Provenance Research

Provenance Research

For the Museum Ulm, provenance research is an important contribution to the investigation of National Socialism and the crimes committed in that era, as well as to the remembrance of the victims. Human lives and fates are inseparably connected with the loss of cultural assets due to the practice of expropriation and seizure employed by the National Socialists between 1933 and 1945.

The purpose of the research project, which is funded by the German Lost Art Foundation, is the systematic examination of the museum’s holdings to clarify patchy provenances and identify objects that may have found their way into the collection as a direct or indirect result of persecution by the National Socialists, be it through actual confiscation or sale under duress.

The main focus is on objects acquired between 1933 and 1945, either by purchase, donation, exchange, loan, or as bequest, with special attention to acquisitions from art dealers and private individuals. Due to the size of the collection, a systematic expansion of the research to include works acquired after 1945 is only possible in a follow-up project. However, if there is reasonable suspicion in individual cases, these objects are also investigated.

The provenance research at Museum Ulm is funded by the German Lost Art Foundation:

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