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Exhibition Banner svg41 Minutes – across the Swabian Jura on Archaeologic Tracks
November 25, 2017—April 8, 2018

41 Minutes – across the Swabian Jura on Archaeologic Tracks

41 minutes – will be the travel time of regional trains between Ulm and Stuttgart on the new ICE line crossing the Swabian Jura. The extensive excavations conducted at the same time as the railway construction provided unique insights into the settlement history of the Swabian Jura from the Neolithic to the High Middle Ages. The archaeological finds are presented publicly for the first time in a special exhibition at Museum Ulm.

The archaeologists unearthed remnants of settlements, graves and transport routes from all eras, from the Neolithic Age 6,000 B.C., the eras of the Celts and the Romans, up until the High Middle Ages. Apparently, some of our modern routes of mobility align with transport axes that date back thousands of years.

In addition to the archaeological finds from a time span of approximately 7,000 years discovered in the Swabian Jura, the exhibition also presents finds from the same periods recovered during the construction of the train path continuing to Stuttgart via Wendlingen. During the excavation for the new underground lines at Stuttgart main station, archaeological evidence from the aforementioned periods was found as well.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication (144 pages, scientific contributions, well illustrated, Thorbecke Verlag; available at the ticket desk for € 18,- or in any book store for € 20,-), a detectives booklet for kids, as well as by an extensive programme of public events. The catalogue can also be ordered here.


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