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Exhibition Banner svgMaintance and renewal : Bauhaus and international style in Tel Aviv
October 24, 2019—November 24, 2019

Maintenance and renewal

Bauhaus and international style in Tel Aviv

Exhibition location: HfG Archive, Am Hochsträss 8, 89081 Ulm

As part of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, the HfG Archive in cooperation with the Consulate General of the State of Israel presents the exhibition “Preservation and Renewal: Bauhaus and International Style in Tel Aviv”, conceived by the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv/Israel.

Today the city of Tel Aviv has one of the world’s largest concentrations of buildings in the International Style. The immigration of numerous architects in the early 1930s, many of whom came from Germany, and the return of Israeli architects who had studied architecture in Europe, led to a drastic change in Tel Aviv’s architectural style from eclectic to modern. At the end of the 1970s, legal procedures created the conditions for the professional preservation of the Bauhaus buildings. On the basis of a joint project between the municipality of Tel Aviv and the Israeli Ministry of Housing, construction plans were drawn up for the city centre which, in addition to improving the traffic and infrastructure systems, provided for special measures to prevent the destruction of the Bauhaus buildings and the city’s form intended for preservation.

The exhibition presents the results of this long-term project on the basis of a representative selection of 25 buildings in different conservation stages. In addition, it presents a selection of solutions for nature conservation and environmental protection, including the use of new building materials and advanced technologies.

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