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July 11, 2020—December 13, 2020

From Prosthetics to Cyborg


+++Unfortunately, the exhibition can no longer be visited due to the closure of the museum until at least 20 December 2020 as a result of corona-related measures to contain the pandemic. Due to a lack of planning security, loan contracts and logistical reasons, we are unfortunately unable to extend the exhibition beyond the official end of the exhibition on 13 December 2020. We regret this very much and ask for your understanding.

We also need the exhibition rooms for the rebuilding of our upcoming large annual exhibition 2021 “A Woodstock of Ideas – Joseph Beuys, Achberg and the German South” which is to be shown in the Museum Ulm from 23 January 2021 until 6 June 2021.

What remains. More than little consolation. The beautiful, rich, worth reading and worth seeing exhibition publication designed by our graphic artist Eva Hocke bibliophile and exclusively available in our museum shop.+++

On 24 June 2020, he celebrates his 250th birthday, an inventor who is as brilliant as he is risk-taking: Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger. Better known as “Schneider von Ulm”, he went down in history with his flight attempt in 1811. The anniversary celebrations under the title “Berblinger 2020” will not only pay tribute to his work, but will also focus on innovation, inventiveness, courage and an open urban society.

Almost everyone today is familiar with Albrecht Ludwig Berlinger’s flight test. However, another invention by the famous inventor is largely unknown: Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger developed movable prostheses for the injured soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars and thus invented the basic design for modern leg prostheses.

This medical-historical success story is the occasion for the Museum Ulm, in the context of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger, to devote itself to the complementation, imitation and improvement of human nature, the desirable body and the artificial human being in an exhibition on the history of art, culture and technology.

Historical prostheses and pictorial representations of their applications are juxtaposed with contemporary interpretations and visions of overcoming our physiological limitations through scientific, technological and design disciplines.

In the face of technological progress, current contemporary artistic positions also reflect prosthetics up to the cyborg; the exhibition presents works by:

Kader Attia I Sophie de Oliveira Barata I Anna Blumenkranz I Renaud Jerez I Mari Katayama I Alexander Kluge I Erika Mondria I Aimee Mullins I Miguel Angel Rojas I Martha Rosler I Keisuke Shimakage I Igor Simić I Stelarc

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication (German/English, 264 pages, numerous illustrations, 20 €).

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