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Exhibition Banner svgA Seat for the Priest – Late Gothic Art in the Ulm Minster
October 23, 2016—February 26, 2017

A Seat for the Priest
Late Gothic Art in the Ulm Minster

Part of the late Gothic features of the choir at Ulm Minster was a lavishly ornamented seat for the priest and his two deacons. This piece of furniture, also called vespertolium, is where the officiants would be seated during specific parts of the liturgy. The vespertolium at Ulm Minster, placed on the choir wall south of the high altar, was part of an artistic ensemble including the famous choir stalls and the former high altar retable. Today, the three carved figures are all that remains.

In a studio exhibition, Museum Ulm presented the remaining figures and the corresponding sketches, honouring their creator, the ‘Master of the Ulm Vespertolium’.


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