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The museum is closed for rebuilding!
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January 14, 2024—October 27, 2024

Spelling Museum in a new way: Part 1: A–L

From A for acrylic to L for Lion Man! A new exhibition of the Museum Ulm @kunsthalle weishaupt opens on Sunday, 14 January 2024. The Museum Ulm is being transformed into a lively third place for cultural participation, a museum that promotes skills and values for a sustainable future – a museum with MORE value.

During the closure, the Museum Ulm will be a guest at kunsthalle weishaupt. From January 2024, the Lion Man, the world’s largest Ice Age artefact and highlight from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Caves and Ice Age Art of the Swabian Jura, will be on show there along with many other treasures from the museum’s various collections.

Collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and communicating are the core tasks of a museum’s work. But what is hidden behind the artefacts and objects that are collected and exhibited? How does a museum work? Who actually does what in front of and behind the scenes? Curiosity and amazement are at the centre of this exhibition concept, which extends over two years in two chapters.

For the guest appearance in the kunsthalle weishaupt, the museum team has selected objects, pictures, reliefs, sculptures and fragments, tools, stories and events from everyday museum life following the letters of the alphabet. Spelt in a new way, the Ulm Museum can be experienced in a different way, familiar and unfamiliar, old and new, amusing and puzzling can be found and discovered.

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Das Museum Ulm ist wegen Umbau- und Sanierungsmaßnahmen geschlossen!

Wir sind seit dem 14.01.2024 mit unserer Ausstellung "Museum neu buchstabiert. Teil 1: A-L" zu Gast in der benachbarten kunsthalle weishaupt. Außerdem ist das HfG-Archiv weiterhin für Sie geöffnet.

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