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March 7, 2020—July 31, 2020

Artist Group Kradhalle

Thomas Kahl is regarded as one of the founders of the Kradhalle group of artists, named after the former Kraftradhalle in Ulm, which gave new impulses to the Ulm art scene. Besides Thomas Kahl, members were Andrew Greif, Peter Knabl and Patrick Pilsl. The collection of the Museum Ulm shows a diverse selection of works by the Kradhalle artists from its own collection, supplemented by loans from private collections.

The Kradhalle artists’ group was oriented towards Pop Art and caused a sensation between 1992 and 2001/2002 with unconventional art actions, happenings and trash art. At the beginning of the 2000s, three of the four Kradhalle artists moved to Berlin, only Thomas Kahl remained in Ulm and died all too soon in 2017.

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