Museum Ulm
Opening hours, Thusday - Sunday 11 am 5 pm
Exhibition Banner svgArtperium – Art. Value. Appraisal.
June 23, 2017—October 15, 2017

Art. Value. Appraisal.

ARTPERIUM, founded by the artists Raoul Kaufer (*1957) and Peter Nowotny (*1953), transforms the art market into a real and virtual piece of art, offering the participation in a continuously growing network.

Renowned artworks from different eras are offered on the website ARTPERIUM for purchase and resale in digital format at between 60,000 and 70,000 shares (MERCE). ARTPERIUM also offers the possibility of purchasing MERCEs as tangible collector’s items in the form of unique Dibond prints.

As a premiere, Museum Ulm showed a section of Hans Schüchlin’s painting ‘Elevation of Saint Mary Magdalene’ from 1480 in the form of 250 plates, covering eight by three metres. It is a reflection on market mechanisms as well as a fundraising initiative of ARTPERIUM and Museum Ulm. The proceeds are split between the artists and the museum, which will invest the profits in media guides.


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