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Exhibition Banner svgaVOID – Tiny House on Tour
April 10, 2018—April 14, 2018

aVOID – Tiny House on Tour

Living in 9m²: ‘aVOID’ is the first mobile apartment that comes in the shape of a terraced house. Developed by young Italian architect Leonardo Di Chiara, this prototype can easily bear comparison with a Swiss army knife: All the comfort needed for sleeping, cooking and living can literally be pulled from the white walls into the empty void of the room. Less is more. This minimalist principle is the biggest feature in Di Chiara’s Tiny House, approaching the idea of a sustainable lifestyle, developing a concrete model for the growing population of urban nomads.

aVOID has been at the ‘Tinyhouse University’ at Bauhaus Campus Berlin for one year, as part of a public neighbourhood of Tiny Houses that invited people to question, debate and develop concepts of living and residential models. Now, Leonardo Di Chiara is taking his house on tour, travelling from Berlin to Rome, via Munich, Ulm and Milan. In Ulm, his Tiny House will make a stop at the campus of former Ulm School of Design (HfG). For the duration of its stay, you can visit the house and join the accompanying programme: short-term stays in the house, guided tours, talks, ‘Ulm Artist in aVOID’, as well as a workshop with Tinyhouse University founder Van Bo Le-Mentzel.


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