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Exhibition Banner svgBrunner/Ritz – Artistic gymnastics
November 20, 2021—March 27, 2022

Brunner/Ritz : Artistic gymnastics

For 30 years, Johannes Brunner (*1963 in Pfullendorf) and Raimund Ritz (*1964 in Meckenbeuren) – one a sculptor, the other a composer – have been testing the crossover of art and music, film and theater, installation and performance. Their interdisciplinary collaboration has resulted in extraordinary projects and site-specific works with which the two Munich-based artists respond to particularities of public spaces, distinctive events and architectural situations.

With the Berblinger Tower, Brunner/Ritz have created a crowd puller and a new landmark for the city of Ulm on the 250th birthday of the famous tailor of Ulm. Its installation provides the occasion for a retrospective at the Museum Ulm, which for the first time presents the entire spectrum of Brunner/Ritz’s artistic work: from early sculpture-music works, short videos and sound pieces to music theater productions and kinetic objects to competition models, new audiovisual works and interactive spatial installations created especially for the exhibition.

Brunner/Ritz track down places in public space where they use sculptural and multisensory elements to sensitize people to a new perception of unnoticed everyday experiences. With their exhibition Kunstturnen, they take up the idea of the museum as a place of sensory experience, which is removed from everyday life, should generate new impressions and learn to understand art as an experience.


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