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March 28, 2020—January 31, 2021

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The riddle of the Stone Age slices from the Blautal

Since 2011 they have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Prehistoric Lake Dwellings around the Alps”, the ruins of a 6000 year old moor village in the valley of the river Blau near Ehrenstein near Ulm. Due to the location in the damp valley floor, the remains of the wooden houses were excellently preserved. Among the numerous finds are about 200 double perforated and decorated discs of limestone. They are present in various sizes and stages of production and were apparently only produced in this village.

The exhibition shows a representative cross-section of the enigmatic disks and explores – also with the help of experimental archaeology – the exciting question of their interpretation and use.

2 thought(s)

  1. Silas Tarus

    Could the interesting double perforated limestone disks have been used as buttons on traditional clothing of animal skins?

    • Michaela Dempf

      Thank you for your interest in the exhibition and the suggestion to solve the riddle of the limestone disks;).
      Indee, the discs were not used in the sense of buttons, but their function as an adjustable clothing fastener (e.g. on a belt or the like) is an option suggested in the exhibition and in the catalogue.
      For further information and questions we are at your disposal,
      your team of the Museum Ulm.
      P.S.: The catalogue can be ordered in our museum shop (available only in German):

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