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Exhibition Banner svgJost Münster – One place at a time
July 16, 2022—November 20, 2022

Jost Münster – One place at a time

Jost Münster relies entirely on the means and possibilities of painting. Born in Ulm in 1968, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and at Goldsmiths Collage of Arts in London, where he also lives and works today. He belongs to a generation of artists who are reviewing and expanding the definition of what a painting can be and achieve today.

Painting and sculpture, surface and space, being and appearance combine in his work cycles to form contrastingly charged and finely tuned geometric abstractions that irritate our visual experience.

Jost Münster uses an extensive vocabulary of painterly textures and complementary forms of expression to transport us into pretended spaces. In terms of motifs, he draws from the observation of colours, forms and structures in the urban environment. He questions the composition and structure of buildings and structures, of façades, windows, gates or silhouettes for their pictorial content and transforms them into differentiated colour and material compositions. In doing so, he does not shy away from sculptural rulings in space and applied collage elements made of found and used objects.

Painting and material meet, involve us in a polyphonic conversation about the relationship between old and new, visible and invisible, real and painted space and sensitise our perception for the aesthetics of the everyday.

For the 40th anniversary of the Friends of the Ulmer Museum e.V., Jost Münster has developed a special edition with the year 82/22. 40 signed originals are available from the Museum Ulm. The proceeds will be used exclusively for further art acquisitions.




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