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Exhibition Banner svgLandscape and Interior. Impressionist Max Arthur Stremel
July 31, 2016—October 23, 2016

Landscape and Interior - Impressionist Max Arthur Stremel

In his works, painter Max Arthur Stremel, born in 1859 in Zittau, Saxony, influenced and absorbed the art of impressionism in Germany. During his summer stays in Belgium and Holland he engaged in plein air painting – painting outdoors – to study and capture the effect of light on the colours of the landscape directly. Stremel’s art is exemplary for the German form of impressionism, which follows the French model but retains its own colour scheme, painting method and topics. In 1918, Stremel settled down in Ulm, where he lived and was an active member of the ‘Künstlergilde’ until his death in 1928.

The exhibition presented paintings and works on paper from the Ulm collection, providing fascinating insights into the live and work of Max Arthur Stremel.


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