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Exhibition Banner svgMACK. The Light of My Colours
September 11, 2015—January 10, 2016

MACK. The Light of My Colours

In 2015, Museum Ulm celebrated its 90th year of existence with a large special exhibition presenting the work of Heinz Mack. The internationally renowned artist had been in regular communication with Ulm. The exhibition ‘Mack. Das Licht meiner Farben’ (the light of my colours) with 140 works provided an overview of his work of almost 60 years, from 1959 until today. The central artistic theme in the work of Heinz Mack is light. Despite this pervasive examination of the effects and portrayal of light as well as the interplay of light, colour, structure and material, his oeuvre is exceptionally diverse.

The retrospective paid tribute to these different aspects and the visual presence of light in painting and sculpture.


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