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Exhibition Banner svgWalter Zeischegg – The Nature of Shapes
November 12, 2017—January 14, 2018

Walter Zeischegg - The Nature of Shapes

On the occasion of Walter Zeischegg’s 100th birthday, the Studio HfG will present a selection of works by the product designer and sculptor.

Walter Zeischeg (1917–1983) was connected closely to the Ulm School of Design from its very beginnings. In 1951, Max Bill asked him to join the staff. His first responsibilities included the installation of the different workshops as well as the department of industrial design. From 1953 onwards, Walter Zeischegg was a lecturer in the industrial design program.

Walter Zeischegg had studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He was always interested in free forms and he was especially fascinated by geometrical structures which can be observed in nature. Since 1963, he was again working more and more in the sculptural field.

A varied selection of sculptures and drawings from the vast estate preserved at the HfG-Archiv will cast a new look on Walter Zeischegg as a sculptor.


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