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October 30, 2021—January 30, 2022

Young Ulm Art 2021: Dean Annunziata & Luise Reinholz

Every two years, the city of Ulm announces an award for young artists from Ulm.

The Museum Ulm is pleased to present the prize winner in the field of visual arts, Dean Annunziata (*1990 Ulm I Lives and works in Berlin), in a solo exhibition.

The works of Dean Annunziata, who studied at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, are amazingly real-looking copies.

“Stained Canvas” is the name of one of his current series. Not without reason. After all, it looks as if the artist had simply stretched pieces of a tablecloth onto frames after an extended celebration, but in fact it is painting.

In his new series of paintings, “Rohspanbilder”, he also imitates ordinary raw chipboard by applying tiny dots in different shades of brown to the canvas and also painting the sides.

Viewers who think they are looking at an ordinary wooden board from the DIY store are deceived. These works assert a natural figurative and at the same time an abstract monochrome painting, moreover they become sculpture.

At the same time, the works break away from this purely mimetic process. They leave the colour tones of the actual raw chipboard behind and play with subtle colour gradients. In this way, they develop into independent colour field paintings that act as colour bodies.

The Museum Ulm is also presenting works by Luise Reinholz

Luise Reinholz has been painting for almost 20 years. In the abstract and representational motifs of her postcard paintings, she expresses feelings, moods and a love of bright, intense colours, reduced forms and elements from fairy tales, nature, landscape or the seasons.

As a young woman with Down’s syndrome and a representative of Outsider Art, she pursues her artistic path unflinchingly, with personal ambition and great passion.

The jury of the “Junge Ulmer Kunst” has awarded her an honorary prize out of competition in recognition of Luise Reinholz’s work and to encourage her to continue to provide artistic surprises through her view of the world.

The prizes will be awarded on 29 October 2021 at 7 pm in a public event at the Stadthaus Ulm.


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