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Cooperating with Schools

Museums are making an indispensable contribution to society. It is our wish that children and young adults are able to participate as well. We live in a time of expanding digitalisation and we are convinced that the importance of direct encounters with original artefacts and artworks is growing at an equal rate.

Authentic objects help understanding the context of history and the present. Within the concept of a holistic and individual approach to learning, the museum is a special learning environment that can react to the curriculum and special requirements on an individual basis.

In addition to communicating values and content, learning in a museum strengthens cognitive abilities, visual and symbolic thinking and abstract imagination. Exploring a work can also provide creative stimuli. Workshops offer the students an opportunity to put the new information to practice and to recognise and train their potential as well as problem-solving strategies through a creative process.

The diversity of the collections at Museum Ulm provides various points of contact with the curriculum: art, history, religion, ethics, the German language, nature studies, regional history and music.

We’ll gladly develop a visit tailored to your specific needs. You can also choose from our standard modules:


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