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Exhibition Banner svgPrimal Forms – Figurative Ice Age Art in Europe
October 7, 2022—January 22, 2023

LAST DAYS! Primal Forms - Figurative Ice Age Art in Europe

23 works of art from the Palaeolithic period are the focus of the new travelling exhibition of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltkultursprung (World Cultural Leap Working Group)at the Museum Ulm. The originals come from important sites in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia and are between 42,000 and 11,700 years old. They show the importance of artistic creation in the Stone Age and provide an insight into the lifeworld of the people of that time. The exhibits were recreated in their original materials in filigree handicraft by eight ivory carvers in the Odenwald for the exhibition project.

The exhibition also features the world’s oldest Ice Age art from the caves of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Caves and Ice Age Art of the Swabian Alb”. “Urformen” is at the same time also an extension of the already existing touring exhibition “Eiszeitkunst” (Ice Age Art) of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltkultursprung; both combine in terms of content and visuals to form a unified and impressive overall show of Ice Age art.

The exhibition was conceived by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltkultursprung together with scientists from the Department of Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology at the University of Tübingen and is accompanied by a joint brochure.

An exhibition project of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Weltkultursprung at the Museum Ulm.



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