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Exhibition Banner svgSponsorship Award ‘Junge Ulmer Kunst’ 2017 : Ulrike Markus – Neoplasmic Island
November 11, 2017—January 28, 2018

Sponsorship Award 'Junge Ulmer Kunst' 2017 : Ulrike Markus – Neoplasmic Island

Paper avalanches rise up in the room, ceramic plants sprout on the walls and copper neoplasms interweave into razor thin threads. The works presented in this exhibition resemble imaginary plants and magnified microorganisms, now revealing themselves. A new terrain, mysterious and oppressive at the same time: fragile carton walls with a hint of dystopia. And then, the reinvention of the formula, for real this time, it seems so easy. The biotopes of failure are just as persistent as a cough.

In one way or another, the work of Ulrike Markus is always connected to the investigation of fragility. She deals with what she calls biotopes of failure. This ‘moment just before’ creates an atmosphere charged with electrifying tension.

Ulrike Markus (*1989 Ulm, lives and works in Offenbach) started studying electronic media with Prof. Alexander Oppermann and sculpture with Prof. Susanne Winterling at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach in 2013. Museum Ulm presented the recipient of the sponsorship award ‘Junge Ulmer Kunst’ of the year 2017 (in the section of fine arts) with her solo exhibition Neoplasmic Island.


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