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The museum is closed for rebuilding!


From now, it’s “swing, play, build and buzz!” at the Museum Ulm. The “Wolkenkuckucksraum” is a creative and interactive environment that invites visitors to interact with the Museum Ulm and its collections in a variety of ways.

The “Wolkenkuckucksraum” is a place to get creative, to exchange ideas and to have extraordinary experiences. Just as in the ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes the birds built their “Cloud Cuckoo’s Home” as a city in the sky, far away from the real world, here various interaction and play elements invite visitors to discover the Museum Ulm and its collection in an imaginative and surprising way.

Various stations offer opportunities for playful engagement. It doesn’t matter whether the card, triggered at random by a “buzzer”, asks you to find the smallest object in the Museum Ulm, to track down the “ugliest” work of art or to make funny noises about a work. With surprising tasks, the Museum Ulm can thus be explored on one’s own.

With specially created construction cards showing views, objects and works of art from the Museum Ulm, visitors can create their own imaginative museum structures and castles in the air together with other colourful motifs. A wheel of fortune is used to bring together the completely different collection objects of the Museum Ulm, from archaeology to design, to gain new insights for themselves and to develop categories, connections or connecting ideas.

In this way, a new understanding of the museum as a place for the exchange of ideas and participation can be experienced. Thus, the “Wolkenkuckucksraum” as a visible and integral mediation space with its diverse and playful possibilities also presents the Museum Ulm as a contemporary place for playfully conquering and experiencing art and cultural history.

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Das Museum Ulm ist wegen Umbau- und Sanierungsmaßnahmen geschlossen!

Wir sind seit dem 14.01.2024 mit unserer Ausstellung "Museum neu buchstabiert. Teil 1: A-L" zu Gast in der benachbarten kunsthalle weishaupt. Außerdem ist das HfG-Archiv weiterhin für Sie geöffnet.

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