Museum Ulm
The museum is closed for rebuilding!
Museum Ulm under reconstruction

Construction site at Marktplatz

Here we go!

The extensive renovation, demolition and new construction measures at the Museum Ulm have begun. Our appearance and spatial programme will change significantly over the next years.

Rebuilding and rethinking

A banner on Neue Straße has recently been erected to draw attention to the conversion and the forthcoming reorientation. The construction measures also mean an important step on the way to an inviting, sustainable and trend-setting museum for the urban community.

The new Museum Ulm is to become a lively “third place” of cultural identification and encounter. An extraordinary place of learning with social impact and all forms of participation. A museum that promotes skills and values for a sustainable future. A museum with MORE.

Where is the construction taking place?

Four of our seven buildings are being partly renovated or newly built so that they meet the latest standards of energy efficiency, accessibility and sustainability. We see this as the basis for our development into a sustainable cultural institution with social relevance.

Construction phases 1 and 2, which have now begun, affect the historic buildings at Neue Strasse 92 and 94. The so-called industrial bank will be converted into an administrative wing with offices, a restoration workshop and an exhibition preparation room. The work laboratory of our Art Education Department will remain on the ground floor and will have a new additional entrance via Taubenplatz. The adjacent Ehinger Stadel will be converted into a new exhibition space for archaeology and the Lion Man.

Restrictions due to the building work

Due to the construction work, which began on 25 September 2023 with demolition work in the industrial bank, there are restrictions for pedestrians and road users between Neuer Straße, Taubenplatz and Marktplatz.

The route from Neue Straße heading towards Marktplatz leading to Schelergasse and Herdbruckerstraße will not be affected by the measures. Access to the commercial and residential buildings around the construction site is guaranteed.

Museum Ulm @kunsthalle weishaupt

The Museum Ulm will be closed for the duration of the renovation work, as will the adjoining museum café. The opening of the kunsthalle weishaupt remains unaffected by the measures. Until the end of the construction work, the Museum Ulm will be a guest there, among other places.

From 14 January 2024, the famous Lion Man, the world’s largest Ice Age artefact and showpiece from the UNESCO World Heritage Caves and Ice Age Art of the Swabian Alb, will also be on display in the kunsthalle weishaupt along with many other significant pieces from the collection of the Museum Ulm.

From A for acrylic to L for Lion Man – while the museums’ buildings are being extensively renovated, rebuilt and partially renewed, the Museum Ulm will be a guest in the kunsthalle weishaupt.


Das Museum Ulm ist wegen Umbau- und Sanierungsmaßnahmen geschlossen!

Wir sind seit dem 14.01.2024 mit unserer Ausstellung "Museum neu buchstabiert. Teil 1: A-L" zu Gast in der benachbarten kunsthalle weishaupt. Außerdem ist das HfG-Archiv weiterhin für Sie geöffnet.

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