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April 5, 2019—July 7, 2019



FLUXUS was one of the most revolutionary art movements of the 20th century, which emerged simultaneously in Europe and the USA at the beginning of the 1960s. The initiative of visual artists and musicians radically broke with familiar notions of art and fundamentally changed the boundaries between art and everyday life.

FLUXUS artists were united by the intermedial approach of their works, which moved within the boundaries of the genres of music, visual arts, literature and theatre. The diversity of artistic forms of expression produced bizarre performances, humorous objects and playful events.

Everyday actions, gestures and sounds became part of the artistic actions. They freed the viewer from his passive role and encouraged him to become aware of his own thinking, writing, speaking, acting and living.

FLUXUS understood itself as a worldwide acting movement with the aim to create new collective forms of life. Its founder George Maciunas (1931-1978) conceived and organized not only the artistic activities of the group, but was also editor and designer of numerous Fluxus editions.

For the first time, the exhibition presents selected works from the estate of Jonas Mekas, which the New York collector Merrill C. Berman made exclusively available to the Museum Ulm.

The focus is on graphic works that make typography visible as an artistic event. Especially in the context of FLUXUS, text elements have their own individual pictorial character, which finds expression in the practical design of posters, announcements and programmes. The central concern is to make the movement understandable not only as an artistic but also as a socio-political event since the 1960s.

The exhibition FLUXUS is curated by Laura Caroline Bösl M.A. and was created in close collaboration with the Galerie Michael Hasenclever (Munich) and the Merrill C. Berman Collection (New York). The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.