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July 11, 2020—December 13, 2020


From prosthetics to cyborg

The flight attempt of Berblinger (the tailor of Ulm) is known to every Ulmer today. However, another invention of the famous inventor is largely unknown: Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger developed movable prostheses for the injured soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars and thus invented the basic design for modern leg prostheses.

This medical-historical success story is the occasion for the Museum Ulm, in the context of the 250th anniversary of Berblinger’s birth, to devote itself to the complementation, imitation and improvement of human nature, the desirable body and the artificial human being in an exhibition on the history of art, culture and technology.

Historical prostheses and pictorial representations of their applications are juxtaposed with contemporary interpretations and visions of overcoming our physiological limitations through scientific, technological and design disciplines.


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